3 Finance Tips in Choosing the Right Dental Assisting School

When you decide its time for a career change, or in some cases, a career start, many people turn to college to help them get started. The enrollment process can be scary and often times confusing. You are faced with a big decision and most of all a huge investment. Starting a new career isn’t just filling out an application. … Read More

Critical Traits of a Highly Effective Assistant

Becoming a dental assistant can be incredibly fulfilling, offering you work which allows you to literally help put a smile on people’s faces. If you’re not yet certain whether being a dental assistant is the right career road for you to take, have a look at the following four essential job traits to see if you’re a natural match. Solid … Read More

What Becoming a Dental Assistant Can Offer You

Being a dental assistant is not only about helping others while receiving an excellent salary, as there are many other advantages and reasons to becoming one. If you’re in search of a job where you can intertwine with the lives of others in a positive way,, you should highly consider starting the journey towards becoming a dental assistant! Here are … Read More

4 Steps to Becoming a Dental Assistant

Are you interested in becoming a dental assistant but not sure where to start? You’re not alone! Getting started on this career path may seem overwhelming at first, but there are clear steps you can take which can help you become a dental assistant in no time! Decide if dental assisting is right for you Pursuing a career in dental … Read More

How Much Does a Dental Assistant Get Paid?

As with any other career path, before investing in the education and training required to become a dental assistant, it’s wise to do your research and find out, among other factors, if the payment potential is worth the upfront costs. So, what can you expect to earn? An overview of a dental assistant’s salary How much you make as a … Read More

A Day in the Life of a Dental Assistant

Dental assistant training can start you on the road to a very rewarding career. As an assistant, you’ll be a part of a team that increases the efficiency of a dental office, helping to improve the quality of care. You’ll be responsible for many different tasks which might vary from day to day. These tasks may include procedures, various office … Read More

Reasons to Complete a Dental Assistant Training Program

Training to become a dental assistant means much more than getting a career – it means being exceptionally prepared to handle anything your job may throw at you! With extensive training, you can arm yourself with the experience & knowledge to get you ahead. There are several benefits to taking the time to complete our dental assistant training in Albuquerque … Read More

5 Fun Facts About a Dental Assistant’s Job

There are a lot of positive benefits that come along with being a dental assistant. You wake up every morning knowing that you’re going to help someone in a big way. Our teeth are crucial to our daily lives, and being part of the process that keeps them healthy is exciting! While it is hard work, did you know that … Read More

Do I Have What it Takes to Become a Dental Assistant?

Applying for a dental assistant training program can be a little overwhelming as the position is classified as professional. The average dental assistant earns between $16 and $17 dollars an hour, roughly $35,000 per year. Considering that the median home income in the United States is $50,000 per year, a dental assistant makes better than average money. The reason dental … Read More

Why Should You Become a Dental Assistant?

If you’re tired of jumping from one odd job to another, or simply want a change of pace from your current job routine, then have you considered becoming a dental assistant? We realize that at first this can sound a little intimidating, but don’t be discouraged! With the American Institute of Dental Assisting in New Mexico, our hands-on learning environment … Read More