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Albuquerque, New Mexico’s #1

Dental Assistant School

Licensed and Approved by:

New Mexico Higher Education Department

The American Institute of Dental Assisting

Our New Mexico Dental Assistant Students train with real doctors, treat real patients in a real dental facility.

At AIDA, we are the only school that offers true patient clinic rotations in two different office settings! This means you will see not 1 patient per clinic but multiple patients from start to finish in our 2:1 clinics with an instructor and a licensed doctor by your side. Our Unique 13-week program proves it works, with our outstanding job employment rate and high pass rates for the radiology national board exam. Become part of excellence and join us today!

The REAL Reason to Choose AIDA

What makes AIDA the best dental assistant training school in Albuquerque?

Real Patients, Real Experience

When you train to become a Dental Assistant with AIDA, you get a unique experience – working with real patients, licensed doctors and ! We’re the only dental school in Albuquerque that uses live clinics so our students learn from the very beginning how to interact and care for patients. Real experience makes a big difference!

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Why Enroll Now?

The American Institute of Dental Assisting will teach you more than just the basics.

Preparation for Real Life

Looking for a steady career to support yourself & your family? At the American Institute of Dental Assisting, our students go beyond the basics. When you enter the field, you’ll be prepared, confident, and fully supported. Don’t just start a career, master it with AIDA.

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Student Testimonials

What is it like to attend AIDA? Find out for yourself!

This Could be You in 13 Weeks!

Our students enjoy more than just a school, it’s an experience. “I enjoyed the class. Great hands on learning with lots of fun. I really enjoyed working with all the instructors, they really made me feel comfortable and I know I made the right choice by choosing this school.” – Yolanda C.

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Changing Your Life with AIDA

You’ve thought about it, now make it a reality! Albuquerque's AIDA can change your life!

Don't Wish for a Better Life,
Make One!

When you choose Albuquerque’s top Dental Assistant School, you’re not just signing up for a 13-week program, you’re starting a career that can improve your life! We teach our students to operate the latest dental equipment and software. The best way to learn is through practice, and you’ll receive plenty before you enter the field.

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Job Assistance to Secure Your Future

Don’t enter the job market empty handed. AIDA will help you secure employment!

AIDA Helps Their Students!

We don’t believe in sending our students away after the course without knowing how to land that career they’ve trained for. We offer life time assistance with job placement after graduation. We also teach you how to build your resume and all the great techniques of job interviewing. You will be confident and stand out above the rest when looking for that Dental Assisting position!

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Learning from Certified Professionals

Train to be a Dental Assistant with a Currently Practicing Dentist.

Learn How by Doing the Real Thing!

When you choose the American Institute of Dental Assisting, we don’t teach you learning from retired dentists or dental assistants. Our instructors are currently in the field so they are always up to date, and therefore so are you! You will enter the field with practical experience with what you will see in a current dental office. This is one of the many ways AIDA stands above the rest.

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Start a New Career in only 13 Weeks!

Don’t wait to start a new career & change your life! Contact us today to receive more information about New Mexico’s Top Dental Assisting program and schedule a tour of our advanced Albuquerque facilities.

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