Why Choose American Institute of Dental Assisting New Mexico

Why Should YOU Choose the American Institute of Dental Assisting New Mexico?

1. We provide a true hands-on experience. Our students graduate having already assisted a real dentist treating real patients. Other assisting schools claim “hands on” experience but what does that mean?

The American Institute of Dental Assisting New Mexico in Albuquerque provides a true hands-on experience. Our students graduate having already assisted a real dentist treating live patients. Other assisting schools say “hands-on” but what does that really mean? “Hands-on” dummy labs? “Hands-on” textbook reading?

Don’t be misled by other schools claiming to offer students a firsthand education when they don’t! Every one of our students will assist a licensed dentist one on one in numerous different full procedures on real patients – not plastic dummies. Labs will be done on fellow students to enhance the learning experience as well. We believe this is the best way to learn rather than training on a mannequin or simply reading a textbook. You can be shadowing a licensed dentist in our high-volume clinic as early as your second class! Now that’s hands-on!

2. Digital radiography training – the future of dentistry.

AIDA students learn to take digital radiographs on state-of-the-art x-ray machines. Other schools don’t have the modern technology to train students to take digital x-rays and teach only analog. You can be confident in your training with modern technology and be above the rest when applying for your new career.

3. Firsthand training practice with prominent dentistry software.

Most other dental assisting schools lack industry specific software and just teach basic computer skills. With American Institute of Dental Assisting in New Mexico, you will be taught to use the latest dental software. When you get out in the field, you’ll be fully qualified in the technology that hiring dentists are expecting their dental assistants to be able to handle .

4. Outstanding staff & faculty.

All our instructors are experienced dental assistants or dentists, and are required to be working full time in dentistry. This ensures our students receive training, skills, and specific knowledge that can only be gained through years of working in the field. Other school’s instructors have either never worked as a dentist or dental assistant, or have been out of the industry so long their information is outdated. Our staff will make sure you have the most updated training required to be the best

5. Learn from Award-Winning Curriculum!

American Institute of Dental Assisting New Mexico teaches and follows award winning curriculum that has received honors in the following categories:

  • Student Services Practice
  • Retention/Completion program
  • Recruiting practice

6. School is locally owned and operated by a currently licensed and practicing dentist.

American Institute of Dental Assisting New Mexico is a private, unique Dental Assisting School in New Mexico, not owned by a large corporation, but by a local practicing dentist. AIDA NM is focused on delivering the best education possible to help others help themselves and those around them. It’s often forgotten that we are training students to work on real people, and that it’s crucial that everyone receive the highest level of instruction possible.

7. Total course completion in just 13 weeks!

As an experienced practicing dentist, Dr. Foutz is uniquely qualified to know what knowledge and skills dental employers are looking for in entry level dental assistants. We teach you only the necessary skills and information needed to become one of the best dental assistants in the state! You won’t waste your time with 9 months of class work and no patient experience. Remember, your time is valuable, DON’T LET IT BE WASTED!

Choose the dental assisting school that gives you more for your time and money, and prepares you better for your chosen profession as a New Mexico Dental Assistant. The better prepared and trained you are, the better chance for employment in a difficult economic environment.

8. Affordable financing options are available.

Call us today to talk with our student admissions specialists about our many affordable financing options. There’s no reason not to follow your dreams of having a steady, profitable career that helps others!

The choice is clear! The American Institute of Dental Assisting New Mexico is #1 for a reason!

We are qualified to get you on the path of a great paying, stable career. You shouldn’t settle for any less. Call one of our friendly representative today! 505-395-6240 or fill out the form and we’ll call you! Let’s get you into our next class!

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