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American Institute of Dental Assisting

In addition to our advanced, hands-on dental assistant training, the American Institute of Dental Assisting New Mexico also offers certified CPR, First Aid, and AED adult and pediatric training to the public. We are licensed and trained through Red Cross and will apply our same hands-on teaching approach to these courses.

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CPR is an important skill to have and can potentially save someone who is experiencing cardiac arrest. Being CPR trained can prove to be invaluable when someone is in serious medical distress. Calling 911 in an emergency is the first course of action, but when it comes to cardiac arrest, minutes count! Starting chest compressions while waiting for an ambulance can not only save a life, but it can prevent lasting brain injury from occurring due to a lack of oxygen flowing to the brain.

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Courses & Pricing

Challenge Course
2 year re-certification
Re-certification testing included
Price – $50 each
(Add Pediatric for $10)

Adult CPR & AED only
2 year certification
10 people minimum for class
Price – $60 each
(Add Pediatric for $20)

Adult CPR / AED / First Aid
2 year certification 6 hour course with hands-on component.
Price – $80 each
(Add Pediatric for $20)

Adult CPR / AED / First Aid / Epi-Pen
2 year certification 6 hour course with hands-on component.
Price – $90

Call us at 505-395-6240 or email us at to reserve your spot in the class.

Only 10 spots available.

Knowing how to operate an AED or automated external defibrillator is very important. Early use of AED is one of the five time-sensitive actions in what the American Heart Association calls “chain of survival.” An AED can restore a normal heart rhythm in victims of sudden cardiac arrest and now new, portable AEDs enable more people to respond to a medical emergency that requires defibrillation. When a person suffers a sudden cardiac arrest, their chance of survival decreases by 7% to 10% for each minute that passes without defibrillation. AEDs save lives, and with certified training from AIDA NM, you can too.

Whether you plan on entering the medical field or you have family you want to be prepared for, first aid training is another advantageous piece of knowledge to have. The purpose of first aid training is to prevent further injury. Knowledge of first aid promotes a sense of safety and well-being. Constant awareness and a desire to be accident free keeps everyone around you safe and secure.

With our CPR training, you will learn the basics of CPR, the AED device, and first aid with a hands-on program that will prepare you for life. You will receive certification at the completion of this course. If you would like to learn more about these classes and enroll, please call us at (505) 395-6240 or fill out the form below.

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