How Much Does a Dental Assistant Get Paid?

As with any other career path, before investing in the education and training required to become a dental assistant, it’s wise to do your research and find out, among other factors, if the payment potential is worth the upfront costs. So, what can you expect to earn?

An overview of a dental assistant’s salary

How much you make as a dental assistant after finishing your dental assistant training program is going to vary, depending on a number of circumstances, such as how hard you are willing to work, your prior work experience, and the city in which you gain employment. For the most part, the more qualified and experienced you are, the more you can expect in terms of payment.

Before even beginning your career it is important to make sure that you obtain your dental assisting training from a respectable school. However, keep in mind when choosing your working location that the demand for dental procedures and the area’s cost of living will also play a large part in determining your pay grade. For example, if you plan to practice dental assisting in Albuquerque, you wouldn’t make as much as practicing it in New York, because the cost of living in New York is obviously much higher.

Education means higher salaries
There are several different types of dental assistant certifications you can acquire, and by having these under your belt, you are going to earn a higher salary because you are well-qualified for the job. Dental offices look at applicants that have these certifications because it means they will not have to train you to perform certain tasks, and instead, you can start performing the moment you are hired! The more valuable you are as an employee, the more you earn.

Ballpark numbers
As of July 2016, it’s estimated that, on average, dental assistants earn between $30,760 and $38,317 per year. You can get closer to the higher end based on your education, experience, and hard work.

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