Reasons to Complete a Dental Assistant Training Program

Training to become a dental assistant means much more than getting a career – it means being exceptionally prepared to handle anything your job may throw at you! With extensive training, you can arm yourself with the experience & knowledge to get you ahead. There are several benefits to taking the time to complete our dental assistant training in Albuquerque – here are just a few!

Expanded functions
A dental assistant without formal training can perform many tasks in a dental office, such as answering phones, scheduling patient visits, and performing basic supportive dental procedures. However, if you complete dental assisting training, you’ll have the opportunity to do much more. Expanded functions can include:

– Rubber cup coronal polishing

– Dental radiography

– Pit and fissure sealant application

– Topical fluoride application

In order to obtain a licensure in these expanded functions, you’ll need to enroll in training for each of the functions, pass the Dental Assisting National Board Exam, or DANB, for that function, and pass a jurisprudence take-home test. You’ll then need to pass the clinical exam, which involves applying what you’ve learned in a real-life setting. Rubber cup coronal polishing needs to be performed on five children and adults. The topical fluoride part of the exam requires you to apply it on five children. During the clinical exam, you’ll be monitored by a certified dental assistant, a dental hygienist, and a licensed dentist.

The opportunity to do more in a dental office has its own benefits, including the following reasons for completing a dental assistant program:

Increased pay
According to Payscale.com, the average dental assistant in Albuquerque earns about $14.00 an hour. Individuals with little experience and no formal dental assistant training in Albuquerque can expect to earn less than this. If you take part in a training program, you can expect to earn much more, up to $21.00 an hour. The more you can do, the more you’ll earn. It’s that simple!

Find employment with dental specialists
Having a certification under your belt can also make it easier for you to find employment with specific dental specialists who need your skills, such as endodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists, and prosthodontists. These specialized fields are easier to get into when you have some formal dental assisting training, and can lead to higher pay rates.

Want to give yourself a leg up in your career and feel confident about what you’re doing? Find the dental assistant program that meets your needs and watch your career soar! Call us today so we can discuss your future!