Do I Have What it Takes to Become a Dental Assistant?

Applying for a dental assistant training program can be a little overwhelming as the position is classified as professional. The average dental assistant earns between $16 and $17 dollars an hour, roughly $35,000 per year. Considering that the median home income in the United States is $50,000 per year, a dental assistant makes better than average money. The reason dental assistants are paid well is that they are to dentists what nurses are to doctors. They play a vital role in the success of a dental practice and the satisfaction of patients.

So, you might be wondering if there are pre-requisites necessary for becoming an assistant to a dentist. One of the first things potential dental assistant students would like to know is whether or not a college diploma or an associate’s degree is required. The short answer is “no.” You do not need a college diploma to enroll in a dental assistant program in Albuquerque. But, while dental assistant training in Albuquerque does not require a college education for enrollment, there are some things you might want to keep in mind when applying.

To begin with, a dental assistant needs to have the ability to think quickly, remain organized, and concentrate for hours at a time. A dental assistant is far more important than any instrument the dentist has, so it is important to be reliable. The basics of responsibility are essential, things like: showing up on time and being mentally and physically ready to work. A positive attitude is not a requisite, but that certainly makes a dental assistant more valuable.

In addition to being reliable, most dentists are searching for someone with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Dental assistants must have an understanding that not all people who visit a dentist’s office are completely comfortable. Someone with the ability to put clients at ease while, at the same time, being able to communicate effectively is of premium value. There will be many instances when instructions will be given by the dental assistant to the patient.

While there are no specific certifications required to enroll in an Albuquerque dental assistant school, it is important to ask yourself if becoming one is the right decision for you. If you want to talk to us about what it takes to make dental assisting your career, we encourage you to give us a call!