How Being a Dental Assistant Can Improve Your Life

It’s no secret that if you’re working in a field where you enjoy what you’re doing day to day, create meaningful relationships with both your coworkers and your customers/patients, and are able to lead the lifestyle you want because of your income, you’re going to feel satisfied with your life. Many people feel as though this is an intangible dream, but we promise you it’s not! Numerous high school graduates and even some college graduates find themselves stuck in a career they’re not happy with for several reasons, including lack of work experience, unavailability of openings in the job market, being tied to a certain state, and many more. With the number of jobs increasing rapidly in the medical field, and more specifically, for dental assisting, many are wondering if going through a training program is worth it for them.

Much like any worthwhile career, being a dental assistant isn’t easy, nor should you believe anyone who tells you it is! It’s hard work – you have to be dedicated, you must be prepared to stand on your feet all day if necessary, and handle some things that aren’t necessarily pretty. The same goes for being a doctor, a nurse, a physical trainer, or any other profession in the medical field. If you’re willing to work hard, ask questions, and help people, you’re in for an extremely rewarding career in dental assisting!

So how can being a dental assistant improve your life? The first most common factor is that you can start earning a decent living wage after just a relatively short period of time training. With Albuquerque’s American Institute of Dental Assisting New Mexico, you can be a certified dental assistant in just 13 weeks! Many people find that although the hands-on training can be rigorous at times, the teachers are friendly, helpful, and willing to work just as hard to truly prepare you to enter the field. If you find that you love working in a dental clinic, you can undergo more training to raise your position! This increased wage can improve your way of life by making it easier to live beyond paycheck to paycheck, and support your family in ways you were not able to before.

The second factor that most people note is the ability to constantly help others, and in fact, improve their lives! What’s one of the first things people notice about a person? Their smile! No one likes going to the dentist, but we do so to stay healthy and enhance our confidence. Part of a dental assistant’s job is not only ensuring that the patient is comfortable, but teaching them about proper dental hygiene, and aiding in the process of cleaning their teeth, fitting them with dental crowns, and many other procedures that will improve their health and the look of their smile. When they thank you repeatedly for your help and all that you’ve done, you can’t help but go home feeling fulfilled & ready to take on the next day!

These are merely a few ways that a career as a dental assistant can improve your life! If you’d like to learn more, check out some of our previous blogs or give us a call! We’d be more than happy to talk with you about any questions you may have!